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Texas Republicans Don’t Want People Like You to Vote:
The War on Democracy

The governing Texas Republican Party has created many hurdles to voting that are dirty tricks to keep Democrats from voting. Unsurprisingly, Texas has one of the lowest general election turnout rates in America. If you want to help stop them and exercise your right to vote, visit our VOTE page for more information, including how you can get a free ride to and from your polling place.

Your Vote CountsTexas has one of the lowest voting turnout rates in America

Republicans pretend to be stopping “voting fraud”

  • No serious inquiry into voting fraud, even by Republicans, has found any systematic or consequential voting fraud in the U.S.
  • Voting restrictions are a dirty trick to stop Democrats, many who have limited resources to deal with hurdles, from voting

Here is some more information that helps clarify Texas restrictions on voting and voting registration:

Restrictions on people registering to vote

  • Texas is 1 of only 3 states that both has no online voter registration and requires voters to register at least 30 days before an election (see data for all state comparisons here).
  • Unlike in 22 other states, there is no automatic voter registration in Texas

Texas makes it hard to help people register to vote, particularly voter registration drives

  • Texas is so afraid of registration drives that Greg Abbott, then attorney general, stopped a drive in Houston with an armed raid that destroyed all computers and records
  • Texas is 1 of 5 states that require people who register others to be certified and trained
  • Registrars must be recertified every election, are easily decertified, can’t be paid, and can be charged with felonies for certain mistakes

I Will Vote

  • Voter registration drives substantially raise voting rates in other states
  • Voter registrar certification and training in one county allows registration only in that county. This makes difficult large scale registration or even registration in multi-county cities.
  • Restrictions on voter registration serves as a choke point for democracy, with thousands of volunteer registrars unable to reach and help millions of unregistered voters

Voting is deliberately hard for many

  • Texas is 1 of 2 states that both reduced the number of voting locations and cut the number of locations by 50% or more in certain counties.
  • Texas is 1 of 3 states with the maximum number of 8 restrictions on absentee voting and confusing ID requirements that are excluding large number of mail-in ballots

Your Vote is Your Voice

  • Texas has high hurdles for anyone trying to help someone with disabilities or reading difficulties cast their ballot
  • Disruptive or intimidating partisan poll watchers are hard to legally remove
  • East Lubbock has low car ownership and very few and hard to reach polling locations

There is a simple way to help stop Republicans from undermining democracy and twisting elections in their favor—be sure to exercise your right to vote! If you’re not sure you can vote, check out our VOTE  page for more information, including arranging a free ride to the polls.

If you can, encourage your family and friends to vote as well. And, consider joining the Democratic Party to help get out the vote.