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Officers and Precincts

County Chair: Gracie Gomez

Vice-Chair: Nellie Hopson

Secretary: Sue Barrick

Treasurer: Tracey Benefield

Parliamentarian: Janis Henderson

Historian: Charlotte Dunham

Precinct Chairs

Precinct Chairs are the officials elected to oversee individual precincts – their responsibility is to engage directly with voters in a small, geographic area. Their #1 goal is to increase Democratic turnout.

Precinct chairs are elected for a two-year term in the Democratic Primary by filing with the County Chair to be on the ballot.

If the election has passed and the position is or becomes vacant the County Executive Committee (CEC) may appoint someone to fill the position.

Don’t know which precinct you’re in? Find out here


Precinct Maps are available from the Lubbock County Elections Office.