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Have you ever thought of running for office but didn’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place.  Below are all the offices relevant to Lubbock County with terms, filing information, and links to qualification requirements.

Run for Something in Lubbock County

Check out our Candidate Resources page for more information and Contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help you run a successful campaign and elect more Democrats!

US and State Offices

Office and QualificationsTX DistrictIncumbentPartyTerm of OfficeTerm EndsFiling FeeSignatures in Place of Fee
United States RepresentativeDistrict 19Jodey ArringtonR2 Years20243750500
State SenatorDistrict 28Charles PerryR2 Years20241250500
Texas House of RepresentativesDistrict 83Dustin BurrowsR2 Years2024750500
District 84John FrulloR2 Years2024750500
State Board of EducationDistrict 15Aaron KinseyR4 Years2024300500

County Offices

Office and QualificationsDistrict/PrecinctIncumbentPartyTerm of OfficeTerm EndsFiling FeeSignatures in Place of Fee
County Democratic Party ChairGracie GomezD2 Years2024noneNA
County Democratic Party Precinct ChairVariousD2 years2024noneNA
County JudgeCurtis ParrishR4 Years20221250500
SheriffKelly S. RoweR4 Years20241250500
District AttorneyK. Sunshine StanekR4 Years20261250500
Tax AssessorRonnie KeisterR4 Years20241250500
County TreasurerChris WinnR4 Years20261250500
County ClerkKelly PinionR4 Years20261250500
District ClerkBarbara SucsyR4 Years20261250500
District Judges72nd DistrictAnn-Marie CarruthR4 Years20261500500
99th DistrictPhillip HaysR4 Years20241500500
137th DistrictJohn "Trey" McClendonR4 Years20261500500
140th DistrictDouglas FreitagR4 Years20241500500
237th DistrictLes HatchR4 Years20261500500
364th DistrictBilly EichmanR4 Years2026
County Court at Law JudgesNumber 1Mark J. HockerR4 Years20261500500
Number 2Tom BrummettR4 Years20261500500
Number 3Benjamin WebbR4 Yearsappointed 2/8/211500500
County CommissionerPrecinct 1Terence KovarR4 Years20241250500
Precinct 2Jason CorleyR4 Years20261250500
Precinct 3Gilbert FloresD4 Years20241250500
Precinct 4Chad W. SeayR4 Years20261250500
ConstablePrecinct 1Paul HannaR4 Years20241000500
Precinct 2Jody A. BarnesR4 Years20241000500
Precinct 3Marina L. GarciaD4 Years20241000500
Precinct 4Tony JacksonR4 Years20241000500
Justice of the PeacePrecinct 1Jim HansenR4 Years20261000500
Precinct 2Susan RowleyR4 Years20261000500
Precinct 3Frank GutierrezR4 Years20261000500
Precinct 4Lance CansinoR4 Years20261000500