Congratulating elected officials on being courageous enough to openly discriminate against others in 2017 is disgusting. 

There's nothing courageous or commendable about anything that was done in the 85th Legislature.
Jodey Arrington wrote a letter to Mitch McConnell last week.

He urged the Senate "to persist in repealing Obamacare," calling a repeal, "the first meaningful tax reform since the Reagan Administration."

112,000 people in District 19 have no health coverage and 18,000 could lose coverage if the ACA were repealed. And Jodey Arrington couldn't earn less.
TX will lose $1.2 Billion. The GOP is at it again! #GrahamCassidy must be stopped!

#ProtectOurCare #SaveACA
#Lubbock area. Free #DACA renewal clinic 9/22.